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New Feature

0.6.0 - 11/01/2006

User Visible:

Support new options of compiz 0.3.2
Only allow changing compiz options for plugins that are enabled.
Support some of the newer options in GNOME 2.14/16

Under The Hood:

Add schema[INT/STRING] options to require a schema for key to be installed - if not, make insensitive and display reason defined by [STRING].
Make enabledby/disabledby support [list] type.

0.5.0 - 10/29/2006

User Visible:

Add compiz configuration page [tested with compiz 0.2.0 and 0.0.13 (Fedora Core 6)].

Under The Hood:

Now requires GTK+ >= 2.6.
Add setting types for [keypress], [mousebutton], [list].
Change [group] to allow multiple levels, removing need/support for [subgroup].
Add sizegroup[INT]:0-19 and sizelabel[INT] to all sizable widgets to allow size alignment of controls to make them look better.
Add increment[INT/DOUBLE] arg. to [int] and [float], respectively.
Add scroll[INT] to show vertical scrollbars when a [page] is very large.
Add label[INT] to force display of label[STRING] instead of the one defined by the gconf key's schema.
Add alpha[INT] to define when a [color] supports alpha channel in the form #RRGGBBAA (example: #FFEEFFE0).
Add list[INT] to [text], [filename], and [folder] to flag this data is stored as a GConf list type.
Add oldkey[STRING] to all wigets to allow setting for an alternate GConf key that should be used in the event the main key is not defined by GConf (used when a key name changes with a new app version).

0.4.0 - 2/13/2005

Numeric keys can now be reset to their default value.
Options locked by the system administrator now appear with a locked icon and can not be changed.
When a menu's key is set to a value not in the available list a custom menu item is now added for that value.


Add text cursor blink options.
Add file chooser backend selection (GTK+ or gnome-vfs).
Add selection menu for key bindings (default or Emacs).


Move audible and visual bell to Peripherals.


Add 'disable run application dialog'.
Remove 'disable force quit'.


New category.
Move audible and visual bell here.
Allow adjustment of audible bell pitch and duration.

Personalize GNOME:

Add mouse cursor theme and size selection.

0.3.0 - 2/2/2005

Increase GTK+ requirement to version 2.4.
Add automatic mnemonic assignments for key shortcuts.
Add color selection.
Add font selection.
Small bug fixes.


Use new color selector for window background.


Use new font selector for titlebar font.


Add option to turn off application list in run dialog.

Personalize GNOME:

New category contains settings for GNOME login splash screen.

0.2.0 - 1/26/2005

Intial release.

updated 11/01/2006