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Stop playing hide and seek with those hidden GNOME preferences, this utility groups together the options that actually exist, but are usually hard to find or are just plain hidden from the user.

This utility makes it possible to create a simple data file to expose gconf based options to the user. It was originally created to allow usable access to the hidden application options buried within gconf. If you need access to all possible gconf keys please use gconf-editor.

This utility is not intended to duplicate the standard user options in the nice preference dialogs supplied with each application. The goal is to only expose the ADVANCED options that are not made easily accessible to the user.

Please see the README for single application mode and additional options.


GTK+ >= 2.6 GTK's homepage (FTP site)
GConf >= 2.4 GConf homepage


Easy to create an advanced preferences dialog for any application that utilizes GConf.
Single application mode can be used to mimmick a standard dialog.
Supports GConf key types boolean, integer, float and string.
Can set minimum and maximum range for numeric key types.
Can present string keys as a file or folder name selection.
Can present string keys as a drop down menu.
Can present string keys as a font selection.
Can present string keys as a color selection.
Can present integer enumerations as a drop down menu.
Radio buttons support integer, float, and string key types.
Check buttons, radio buttons, and drop down menus can control the sensitivity of other objects.

updated 10/29/2006